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« on: Jan 26 2010 22:37 »
I note that somebody on e-bay selling parts to construct dolls houses, sells 1:24 bricks.  About £15 / 1,000.

Has anyone tried using these?  I imagine it could be difficult to keep the structure straight - much like the real thing - unless they are just cosmetic over a plywood(?) structure.


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Re: Bricks!
« Reply #1 on: Jan 27 2010 08:13 »
The bricks I used were 1:19 scale. The "former" is exterior grade plywood and the bricks pushed onto it using silicone glue. Swimming pool grade grout provided the "mortar" that filled the gaps and then I used masonry paint on the exterior.



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Re: Bricks!
« Reply #2 on: Jan 27 2010 08:42 »
Check out Richard Stacey for a range 1:24 architectural components.
Some very nice examples of large scale (mainly 1:12) building construction on his website.
1:24 price list here.

Might be a potential speaker / demonstration for a Southern Group meeting next winter?