Author Topic: GRS Gresley Coach "Skeleton" kits : A word of caution.  (Read 591 times)

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Offline John Candy

GRS Gresley Coach "Skeleton" kits .....if  you are thinking of buying a Gresley "skeleton" coach kit (GRS list 3 as being "in stock"), be warned!

A friend made an enquiry about the availability of the modules required to complete sides/ends/detailing for these "bare bones" kits and was told none of the items necessary to complete the kits are in stock and there are no plans to re-stock!

That effectively turns the remaining "skeletons" into "white elephants" ....... unless you are willing to scratch build the sides/ which case it makes more sense to build the entire carriage.

If you have already bought a "skeleton" and have been pondering which type of carriage to build before ordering parts to complete .......hard luck!

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