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Heavy Hand-Made Point
« on: Jun 09 2019 13:45 »
I guess you haven't seen my point for sale on eBay, here is the link:

About code 330 rail, someone must want it.

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Re: Heavy Hand-Made Point
« Reply #1 on: Jun 09 2019 15:17 »

I see you have some "Bassett-Lowke Vertical Hand Pump for Locomotive"

How do these work?  Do you twiddle the knob on the top?  usually pumps have a handle pushed back and forth but these look different.


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Re: Heavy Hand-Made Point
« Reply #2 on: Jun 10 2019 00:20 »
I still have several of these Mike - they are new/old B/L stock (I sold a few at an AGM some years back) and you pump them up and down (like a small bicycle pump) - good for non-tender engines - side tanks etc...


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