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Stock Boxes
« on: Jun 19 2019 12:32 »
I've come across a whole range of aluminium 'flight' cases many of which are on ebay. These are sold by the Allendale Group but as I say, they have loads on ebay.
The one that caught my eye was a long one #C403<[/url]
. At 850x295x270mm I can get a full B-set in it (I'll try and add a photo) and its strong enough to hold the 15kg weight. I've added two case handles so I can pick it up the right way. I need to fit some thin rails underneath a second one so I can stack them safely.
They are half the price of GRS boxes and are bigger and probably more robust as well.
Their range of smaller ones might take wagons etc.

Note, I've no connection with the company - I just think the big one is great!