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Carriage cutter
« on: Jun 30 2019 10:09 »
Right, this is the point at which theory and parts production stop! As Tim and others are aware there is a HUGE cnc machine being built by my kitchen sink, (I do not call the production side of the CPR "Kitchen Sink Engineering" for nothing....)

All the gantry assembly is finished, the terrifying 22kRPM cutter motor fitted to it. Mechanically and electrically it is now finished. The next step is to program the arduino boards to behave as requested. One of the boards will deal with the cutter motor another will deal with the laser - a 15w 450nm... The only other person who would know exactly what that means is the fiancee of one of our members(!)

The completed device will work on 3mm ply and will take "blanks" of 350 x 900mm. Which should be enough to cut two carriage sides.



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Re: Carriage cutter
« Reply #1 on: Jun 30 2019 14:50 »
I stand in awe of your mastery of technology and confidence.  Please move it away from the sink so that you (or a visitor) does not mistake it for the kettle.

What is your solution to the hard Brexit Irish border question?


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Re: Carriage cutter
« Reply #2 on: Jun 30 2019 16:48 »
Having seen Ralphs carriage cutter close at hand, I want to see not only the results for cutting the panels for old fashioned Edwardian and Victorian style wooden coaches,

but also the icing printer attachment for edible printing on cakes and biscuits.
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Re: Carriage cutter
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"What is your solution to the hard Brexit Irish border question?"

That anything is possible with a couple of Arduinos and a Banggood account....   ;)
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Re: Carriage cutter
« Reply #4 on: Jul 01 2019 05:15 »
The answer is simple. We dig it up and ship it in iso-containers to Brussels. They will then have the Border and with plenty of watering it will be as soft and squishy as the want it...