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LBSCR Terrier
« on: Oct 03 2019 19:26 »
A G3 member altered a GRS terrier to look like an earlier version but I can't remember who it was or how it was achieved.  I know that I saw a picture of the model with altered sand boxes so, it is out there, somewhere.  I have a GRS Terrier and I am wanting to do the same thing and I'm interested to know how hard/easy it was to achieve.


Offline John Candy

Re: LBSCR Terrier
« Reply #1 on: Oct 04 2019 11:04 »
You may be thinking of FY&NR loco No.2 which was an A1 class. I believe Mark Pretious may have made a model for Blackgang.
To back-date the A1X to A1 would involve shortening the smokebox (and adding wing plates), adding the sandboxes mounted on splashers and adding pipework to the boiler and the different tank vents.
I don't see this as being too difficult.
The GRS chimney isn't very convincing and could do with re-working or replacement.
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