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Started by AshleyW, Oct 24 2019 23:53

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Quote from: 492 on Oct 25 2019 11:19Have seen a coal-fired G1 Barrett LBSC Atlantic. It performed really well, and being a 4-4-2 it had a nice wide firebox. If they do a G3 version it should be a great engine.

Robert. 492.
As long as the parts/instructions are better than the G1??


I am supposed to pick up my first installment of parts for the GER tank loco at the AGM. The more I see of their models - the less I am impressed...




What's the general consensus on Barrett , I was under the impression that they were great . The only reason I've never bought one as I model in 1/32  on gauge 1 not in 10mm scale, otherwise I would have had a 72xx off them ages ago. As I understand it they will be doing another engine in gauge 3 very soon. I would have thought that this will be very good and well received for Gauge 3 folk??



Frankly, I was surprised at these comments too Richard.

Barrett have a very good reputation in Gauge 1 and I thought it was great news when they decided to produce a G3 live steamer.  Since Ralph has not even taken delivery of his first instalment yet, I'd be curious to hear why he is already un-impressed?


Nothing's ever Easy - At least the first time around.


Well I went to the BSM stand at the last AGM and examined the model. The first thing I noticed was the fact that there was no "blow down valve" at the base of the water column. I pointes this out to the people and was told that it wasn't required. I then fetched Roy and then  pointed the same thing out. They then told him it wasn't required as well.

Roy told them it *was*.

Communication with BSM has been sporadic, but from dealings and emails with them I get the impression that thwy are running a hobby not a business...




I've been to Barrett's premises.  They made a batch of steam cylinders for "Venture" for me.  They were very helpful, have a most impressive workshop and are definitely a business, employing a few chaps too.  Roger Marsh assembled the Venture chassis and he was very complimentary about the design and execution.  Also, they have proved to work very well indeed.

But that is just cylinders - I have no experience of their complete kits.  Suggest you look at some Gauge 1 websites and see feedback there.



I agree that a blow-down valve is desirable Ralph but (as far as I'm aware) it is not actually 'mandated' in the Orange book (Volume 2 Boilers <3Bl).

Para 13.1.5c "The water gauge(s) shall be blown down - if a valve has been fitted for this purpose, and the water levels shall be seen to recover without delay"

So technically they were correct.

John Barrett (the founder of Barrett Engineering) is retired now but his son Stephen has continued with the business. Barratt Steam Models (BSM) have been going since 1980 in one form or another, so they are not exactly new to the production of small steam engines. However, presumably when building them commercially, there will  have to be to a price point to the specification.

I can't comment on their customer communications, as I've never dealt with them. I do know some other small traders often find it difficult to balance handling customer queries with actually producing things though.  All I can say is that when I had a chat with Stephen & his wife (on their stand at the AGM) a few years back, they seemed to be a very nice young couple. Maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt?  :-)



Nothing's ever Easy - At least the first time around.