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Upholstering your coaches.
« on: Mar 25 2020 12:45 »
I've outlined what I'm doing with my 4 months of being locked away in the post about the latter, so go there for more info and pics.
However, I thought it would be relevant to explain how to make your coach seats look 10 times better than paint. I'm improving the interiors of my Marsden coaches (which are generally excellent by the way).
Dunelm do a huge range of thin, veined material which is absolutely spot-on for seating (There may be other suppliers). Choose your colour! I've used dark blue and red this time (I used light blue in my Class 122 DMU a couple of years ago) as my memories of the 60's/70's were that standard class was done in red or maroon, whereas 1st Class were always blue - dark or light. (Oh, and out of my reach at the time!). As DMU's started to take over, green became much more common.
You can obtain large sheets of the material, but if you only want a small amount you'll need to ferret out the small cushion covers that they do in the same material. These are about £4-5 and will do 2 or 3 DMU units or normal coaches.
Cut to the correct width and length of course, I then attach it with Prittstic or UHUstic which is really good for this application. It doesn't seep through the material (which has nice, smooth backing and easy to apply the stic).
It doesn't set straight away so you can slide the material around until you're satisfied its in the right place (ends or tight corners generally need to be held in place a bit until it starts to harden).

For more, see 'What are you going to do for the next 4 months?'