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Re: Grrr sleepers....
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Having survived the week long hangover that is "changing the clocks" I think my system is back in tune with itself. Trying to solder when all you want to do is fall asleep is slight dangerous(!) I have got some of thw route lights connected but the problem is now down to the seven Vregs that produce the 3Volt lines to each battery of LEDs  on the mimic board.

The blue LEDs light at 2.6V the white ones at 2.8V. because the number of blue and white LEDS is different for each route the draw on each Vreg the brightness varies(!) This means twiddle and tweak on the multiple turn pots on each Vreg. (ugh!)

Still there is nothing else to do but watch the rain...



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Re: Grrr sleepers....
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I have been following the CPR track relaying and signalling saga with some interest and a lot of admiration for fortitude in the face of  adverse metrological and other conditions. It was like one of those TV programmes where the narrator says "but will the signals light on the get together day?".  OK, the gtg has come and gone-any pics?