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Modular Layouts - Garden Rail June 2020

Started by IanT, May 15 2020 12:30

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No room for a garden railway? Alan Macfarlane suggests another option in Garden Rail this month...

"So many people don't have a garden or the space to be involved with our hobby, or at least think they don't. Well read on friends and see what can be done..." So writes Alan in the June issue of GR.

He gives the basic standards for all modules as;

1/ Keeping the connecting ends square and parallel to each other
2/ The depth of the connecting ends are 750mm
3/ The track needs to be 150mm from the edge of the board to the centre of the track
4/ The track needs to be set 50mm back from the joining edge to allow a standard 100mm joiner to be used
5/ Legs and support to make the top of the track 950mm from the floor
6/ The minimum (module) width is 300mm and up in steps of 150mm. 450mm and 600mm are very common
7/ Track standardised as Peco SM32

He also explains why Modules are such a good idea these days and gives some practical examples...

I read this article with some interest and wondered why we never came up with something like this in G3?



Nothing's ever Easy - At least the first time around.


Very funny Ian!

I guess there are just not enough Gauge 3 people in that position ... yet.  But our time will come.  It is coming as more and more tracks are being built and more and more models to run on them.

I still believe that Gauge 3 is on the cusp of being discovered, with the consequent expansion that will bring.  Mind you, I have been saying that for quite a few years now!



"Our Time Will Come" - they wrote a song about that Mike!   :-)

As an aside - I stopped taking Garden Rail regularly a while ago, just buying any that had interesting (e.g. G3) articles in them. However, with my 'browsing the shelves' of WH Smith suspended for the foreseeable future, I decided to get Engineering in Miniature (EIM) on subscription (which is about 40% cheaper than in Smiths). As a bonus - I got six issues of Garden Rail thrown in too - to brighten my lock-down day when they arrive in the post.

Take Care everyone!

Nothing's ever Easy - At least the first time around.