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The price of piercing saw blades.
« on: Jun 25 2020 12:37 »
I have had my faithful old Eclipse PS51 since the early 1960's and must have got through several hundred (if not thousands) of blades, chopping up sheets of n/s, brass, copper and steel.

For 30+ years I was buying "Eclipse" branded blades, at what, even then, seemed extortionate prices.
A few years back I started buying on Ebay (there are plenty of options but I use a jewellery tool supplier ) at a sensible price and the blades are just as good as Eclipse (if truth be known, they were likely made in the same factory)!
Just happened to look at price of Eclipse blades on Amazon.... 38GBP per 100 ..... I am paying 2.85 (post free) for 144!

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Re: The price of piercing saw blades.
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A lot of the blades on ebay are of Chinese origin, but they do not last long. The best blades in my experience are Swiss and as you say available from jewellers suppliers.
Years ago I used to work near Hatton Garden which is the jewellery centre of London, where there were many tool shops and metal suppliers, and prices where very different in those days, I bought a set of HSS BA taps and dies which I still use for £15, happy days!!


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Re: The price of piercing saw blades.
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I've been using Cousins for all sorts of small tools & supplies for many years.

I have used their 'Economy' blades for some time without any issues (you get a selection of sizes).  I recently treated myself to some 'Valorbe' (Swiss) blades to top up the sizes I generally use more often. They all cut remarkably well - and to be honest - I couldn't tell you which is which in normal use. They are not expensive, although I generally order a few things together (or the postage can double the cost of a smaller item).

Good source of tweezers, pivot steel, shellac, dental tools, beeswax - all sorts of things you'd never imagine you'd ever need!  :-)


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Re: The price of piercing saw blades.
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+1 for Cousins
+1 for Swiss