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WW1 period from John Jenkins Designs

Started by MikeWilliams, Aug 16 2020 22:51

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Just stumbled across this firm who have a large range of military models from WW1.  They look to be well detailed and of subjects suitable for model railways - such as Thornycroft J lorry of which over 5,000 were built for the WD and lasted in civilian use until after WW2.  Several railway companies also had J's.

However, although said to be 9in long which sounds about right for Gauge 3, I can't find a scale.

Please does anyone know the scale or have experience of them?  They are too expensive to buy one and see!



Mike, as they were 22' 2" long, with a wheel base of 13' 8", 7' 3" wide, 10' 5" high, a quick maths exercise shows they're going to be a little on the small size.

If my maths is correct (always doubtful) the G3 model should be in the region of 11 1/2" long, I think at 9" it's going to be nearer to G1.

Yes, I'm still looking for vehicles as well.............


The J truck is 22' 2" long so a 9" model would make that almost 1/29th scale at 9.17".

In Gauge 3 it would need to be just over 11" (11.77") and 8.73" if in Gauge One (10mm).
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Bother!  Thanks chaps.

They do a Thornycroft WW1 lorry and a GS horse-drawn wagon (with superb horses), so double pity!