Author Topic: "Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width"  (Read 414 times)

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"Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width"
« on: Jan 21 2021 22:07 »
"Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width" comes to mind, when looking at some G3 models being offered for sale (at inflated prices, need I say)!

Some of the worst I have recently seen are "professionally built", ("new") model carriages, where you can see daylight between the cantrail and roof.

You would reject these as substandard in a 30GBP Bachmann "00" model, so it begs the question, why is is thought acceptable in a 800GBP G3 model?

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Re: "Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width"
« Reply #1 on: Jan 22 2021 09:46 »
John, I too have been sighing over the prices for some of the "bought for investment" locos... But I have to admit that given the choice of the infamous "Electric Locomotive" and a Kingscale "Coronation Scot" at the same price -we both know which one would be headed to DERBY!!!

It does however beg the question of how much our models are really worth? When my Son had his 21st birthday here his course mates nearly fainted at the collection of guitars on his wall.

So, I have the following "professionally hand made" models on my rack in the living room...

An NYC "S" motor
A SSB Krokodil
A Black 5
A class 97 Peak
A 2-NOL set
A Fell

The only one I could give you an accurate cost of build is the Black 5 -as it is the MEL kit. The six carriages, twenty five plus wagons and five bespoke coloured Toads -I haven't the faintest idea... It all comes down to : "All the traffic will bear". I am stuffing a piggy bank with pennies for a Kingscale loco -probably the coal fired  Britannia, but I have to admit I really do want a Coronation Scot!!!!