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Unwanted G3 projects
« on: Jan 27 2021 13:03 »
I have the following unwanted G3 projects for sale and am offering them to Forum members ahead of putting them on ebay. If you are interested in any of them let me know and I will send you further details and pictures.

Gauge 3 projects for sale

1. Stanier 8F - £750

Based on LBSC design, this is in the process of being constructed as a radio controlled electrically propelled model and comprises:

Locomotive comprises

Complete functioning electrically propelled chassis based on LBSC design which includes:
sprung hornblocks and axleboxes
complete set of machined cast iron wheels
cylinders, full valve gear, connecting and coupling rods, reversing lever etc.
Powerful Maxxon 12V motor running through ABC helical gear box
Brass loco platework, including cab sides, front and roof, plus footplate parts laser cut by Model Engineers Laser
New smokebox and chimney accurately fabricated from brass and copper.
Set of steel buffers and guides.

To complete, the model requires a dummy tapered boiler barrel and Belpair firebox shell.

Tender comprises

Full set of laser cut brass body and and steel chassis parts from Model Engineers Laser
Full set of l/w brass castings for tender leaf springs, axleboxes and hornguides
Set of steel buffers and guides

2. GWR 57XX 0-6-0PT - Pansyette - £500

Based on LBSC Pansy design, this is the well produced basis of a live steam model, but can also be adapted for electric, comprising:

Finished and accurately machined rolling chassis complete with:
sprung hornblocks and axleboxes
two cylinders
valve gear, connecting rods plus valve eccentrics and crank axles etc.
full set of nicely machined cast iron wheels

Also comes with accurately produced copper parts to make the boiler and firebox, just needs silver soldering to complete
There is also a set of the wood and metal formers used for making the boiler parts

Included are two copies of the original Model Engneer articles which explain the changes to be made for the 2.5in gauge Pansyette compared to the original LBSC 5in gauge Pansy design.

3. LBSC Victoria 0-4-4T - £250
This is the basis of a live steam model but can be adapted for electric propulsion, comprising:

Accurately machined steel rolling chassis complete with hornguides and axleboxes
Bogie with machined wheels and axleboxes
All wheels machined with axles
Set of copper parts to make boiler and smokebox
Brass or bronze castings for these parts:
eccentric straps
crank axle
smokebox saddle
smokebox door
part machined single inside cylinder block with valve chest
wood formers for making boiler end plates

Included is a copy of the article 'Small Locomotive Construction - A Southern Type 0-4-4 Engine in 2.5in Gauge' by LBSC from Mechanics magazine, 7 July 1944

4. LMS Stanier Class 4 2-6-4T chassis - £100
Accurately machined steel rolling chassis complete with hornguides and axleboxes
Set of machined driving wheels with axles
Coupling and connecting rods
Some parts for bogie and pony trucks.

This chassis would form an excellent basis for a live steam or electric model. To complete the chassis requires cylinders, valve gear and wheels for bogie and pony.

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Re: Unwanted G3 projects
« Reply #1 on: Feb 01 2021 16:57 »
Hi Thanks for the phone call today. I have now registered on the forum and look forward to the photos.