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Re: Gone 'n' dunnit!
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It sounds like the .scad for this is one huge program? Personally I would have done this in three pieces and assembled them into a single module.

To me this breaks down as:

The upper door frame made from cubes.
The lower door frame (tumble home) printed as a section of a cylinder printed vertically.
The frippery which are simple half cylinders.

When I started in 1973 the O/S was UNIX sys III on an HP computer the size of my freezer it had 64k of ring core memory. Nowadays my humble machine has 12Gb and 16 processors.

I agree with you about the profit motivation, but that has never driven me. I do have to design some Greasly articulateds for my EE-1 to pull. So I will probably donate the .scad files for them to the G3 WIKI.



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Re: Gone 'n' dunnit!
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I will email the file for the guard's door for you to see what I have done.

One aspect of OpenSCAD I have not yet had time to investigate is how to (if it is possible) import a file into another. By that I mean, having separate modules (as you mention) and then grouping them in a single file ..... It sounds as though that may be possible from what you have said? A bit like calling a sub-routine into a main program.


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Re: Gone 'n' dunnit!
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You should be looking at CURA to collect your modules in a print.