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The Sun shines on 4817

Started by John Candy, Aug 24 2021 11:23

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John Candy

The sun is shining for the first time in a while. so I decided to take a few photos, including 4817 which has previously been "camera shy".

I hadn't noticed how dusty 4817 had become (sitting on a shelf) until I looked at the photos, where the sun has highlighted the dust! The photos taken from the other side showed the dust even more, so I have left them off and will take some more another day, after a clean-up.
4817 is modelled in as-built (1933) condition and based on a modified/improved/extra-detailed GRS kit (later-built 48XX locos had several detail modifications, which were gradually retro-fitted to the earlier Lots).
Most of the changes from the kit, as supplied, are in the detailing but one basic fault with the model is the shape of the base of the smokebox saddle .... this had to be re-shaped to incorporarate the "flare" missing from the supplied item.

A photo of railcar No.8 in "as-built" condition (again a heavily modified GRS kit) depicts a potential future "train spotter" showing an early interest! Detailing (to the left of the door) includes the "modesty boards" fitted to the windows over the engine section (where the floor and seats were raised to clear the engine) while the AEC engine is visible through the grilles. To the right of the door, the vertical glazing bars enclosing the sliding door "pocket" can be seen. External handrails were not fitted to the door entrances until a later date, along with several other modifications.

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