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Re: "Basher" No.7709
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Sorry to hear your wife's misfortune, I hope you will be able to enjoy Christmas.


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Re: "Basher" No.7709
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Finally finished!

No.7709 is in LMS post-1928 freight livery. In early 1934 it went into Crewe for repairs and came out with updated fittings.... and numbered incorrectly ...... it should have remained 7709 but was numbered 27709!
This was soon rectified by painting out the "2" but that left it with off-centre numbering in a smaller font than hitherto. 

Fitted for motor train (push-pull) working, a 2-car train now is required.

I am discussing with Mike W, the possibilities for producing some LNWR 50ft arc roof bogie coaches.
 A driving trailer composite to diagram M33 and all-third trailer to M62/M63 are under consideration.


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