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Inspirational modelling in 1:22.5
« on: Mar 19 2009 13:01 »
I came across this link in the Templot forum.

A selection of buildings and dioramas in 1:22.5 scale (and some in 1:35), with bits of narrow-gauge railway.
As well as the finished items, there are a number of work-in-progress pictures, showing some of the techniques used. Text is German, but for me the pictures tell the story perfectly well.

I was impressed - hope you are too........


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Re: Inspirational modelling in 1:22.5
« Reply #1 on: Mar 19 2009 21:25 »

Very interesting site... .at first sight I wasn't convinced they really are models, particularly those diesel storage tanks!

Turning to Templot, I bought the package about 6 years ago with the intention of using it to construct G3 pointwork but have not yet put it to any use.
Some of the settings are very technical and probably only understood by a PW engineer!
Have you used it to produce any G3 pointwork?

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Re: Inspirational modelling in 1:22.5
« Reply #2 on: Sep 14 2010 17:08 »
I used Templot some years ago to "make" some G3 turnout 'templates'. Once you stop trying to make it work like CAD package and just key in the basic point dimensions, you can print out a usable template. A bit expensive if you are not going to use it very often though.

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