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Wheels 18in diameter
« on: Sep 01 2010 08:52 »
I would like to make a Platelayer's trolley, maybe as a short run kit if there is interest, but mainly just for fun and lineside cameo.  However, it needs spidery 5-spoke wheels just 18in diameter.  Any ideas, please?  The wheels were one piece cast iron with very thin T section spokes and an equally thin rim and no separate tyre, but that's asking a lot and just the right size and preferably right number of spokes would be great.

Plan B is to etch the spokes and solder into home-turned tyres, but that diverts time from making other things!

I had wondered about the old Nucro or Jackson 7mm scale coarse scale brass (later aluminium) wagon wheels, but they seem to have disappeared.


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Re: Wheels 18in diameter
« Reply #1 on: Sep 01 2010 09:05 »
Have you looked at Coopercraft?
They do slate wagons, etc. in 16mm scale. but not sure of wheel size also Cambrian Models.
Brandbright do curly spoked wheels in 24.5mm (a bit larger than 18ins).

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Re: Wheels 18in diameter
« Reply #2 on: Sep 01 2010 10:25 »
John, you are a gem!  Cambrian appear to do just the job: right size and right number of spokes.  Not sure what the profile is like but I'll order a set and find out.  At the end of the day it won't be hurtling around a garden line anyway!

Thank you,


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Re: Wheels 18in diameter
« Reply #3 on: Sep 01 2010 19:20 »
Hello Mike

Send me a drawing please , I have just done a master with curved spokes for some one .


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Re: Wheels 18in diameter
« Reply #4 on: Sep 02 2010 12:06 »
Thanks John.  I can dig out a drawing at home, but the spokes are straight and T shaped in section - flat face at rear and rib down the front.  Its only a silly lineside thing really, probably not even worth making it run, but I guess may as well do so.