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« on: Oct 21 2010 15:54 »
Please does anyone know a supplier of crankpins for Gauge 3?

I have some of Slaters', but wonder whether they are a tad small for live steam.  Since every engine requires at least four, surely there must be a commercial manufacturer in our scale?



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Re: Crankpins
« Reply #1 on: Oct 23 2010 10:54 »
Hello Mike,
Not that I know of for live steam. Yer makes yer own because each engine may require a design that is not "common" and it all depends on the following factors:

There are two main types of crank pins:
-  press in types that are made to fit the hole that is drilled in the wheel casting often with a 5/32 pin end and a 1/4 inch working end.
- screw in types with a 5BA pin end and a 1/4 inch working end.

Also the means of coupling rod retention at the end of the pin can be a screw threaded nut - 5BA or smaller. some may even use a prototype pin to hold the retention nut.

If you are using scale section coupling rods the pins will be "short", however if you are making people haulers with heavier section coupling rods the pins will be "longer" and of "thicker" diameter.

In terms of the material that they are made from, some folk use mild steel other prefer stainless, silver steel or nickel silver.

If the pins are for an outside cylinder engine you need three types for an 0-6-0 - a recessed pin at the front to clear the cylinder block, a long pin in the centre to accommodate the connecting rod and, lastly a short pin at the rear.

You should see the crank pins on the Bluebells Atlantic Project - a bit too big for G3 !!!

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Re: Crankpins
« Reply #2 on: Oct 26 2010 11:09 »
Thanks Peter,

I know live steam people often like to make as much as possible themselves, but I'm surprised these common things have not been batch-made by somebody - N2.5GA, Roundhouse, Cousins .....

I'll take another look at the Slaters ones which are steel and may be adequate.