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Peter D Hingley

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Re: laser cutting
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The  basic    problem  with  both laser   cutting and  water  jetting is that the   firms   only  want to  accept  patterns  as CAD  files.     To the  non -  computate  like myself  this is an impossible    obstacle   and much though I would like   to  use  these methods   it would take me longer to learn  these   monkey  tricks than  to   make the   things for  myself !

                                                  Peter D Hingley

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Re: laser cutting
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Peter -

For simple parts there's not a great deal of work in preparing a CAD drawing if you have a good detailed sketch, and you might easily find someone (probably in this forum!) who would do it for you as a favour or for a modest price.  The laser shop only needs the bare drawing data in a commonly used format, and as long as it's accurate and designed with some understanding of laser cutting, they can make the part.  It's a quick process, but the cost of small quantities may be off-putting.


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Re: laser cutting
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Peter Andrew

Please contact me if you require a CAD drawing done for laser cutting.. so long as its not a complete carraige side!