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The Kiss of Life
« on: Nov 09 2011 17:59 »
Just recently I discovered that one of my Terriers was not taking the charge from the smart charger and I had a sneaking suspicion that they had gone into "deep discharge". Where the charger will not recognise the presence of the batteries if the voltage has dropped below approx 1V per cell. The pack of 12 AA was completely dead. So after chatting with Brian Jones and getting the lowdown on what not to do etc. I took the engine over to John Witts and removed the batteries from the engine. I would say now that if you find yourself doing this make sure the batteries are out of the model first. A current of 3 Amps and 8 Volts was put through the first six pack of batteries. Nominally a 6 pack will produce 7.2 Volts at 2.1Amp. This (8V, 3A) was put through for about 40 seconds and then turned over to the smart charger which picked up the charge and started to do its job. It did take a few cycles to get the best out of the 12 AA cells and the engine is now back in one piece. Amazingly though one of my friends has done the exact same thing with his Terrier so we have done this twice now, almost getting good at it!