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LMS Period 3 coaches

Started by Traininvain, Nov 15 2011 10:47

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Forum members may be familiar with Finescale Locomotive Company – http://www.finescale-locomotive.co.uk/ – which for a number of years has produced high quality carriages for Gauge 1, typically at around £800 to £900 each.

Well, some of the people associated with that company, who include Brian Badger, have set up a new but completely separate venture which plans to launch a range of hi-spec G3 carriages. The new venture, Custom Carriages – http://www.customcarriages.co.uk/ – will initially be offering three LMS P3 coaches:

1. Corridor Brake 3rd Diag 1905, built 1934-6 (57ft)
2. Corridor 3rd Diag 1899, built 1933-9 (57ft)
3. Corridor Composite Diag 1898, built 1934 (60ft)

The reason for producing these models is their wide useage – they were built in large numbers, ran all over the LMS and other systems in many different types of train, and lasted well into BR days. The plan, I understand, is to have an assembled and painted prototype on display at the G3 AGM on 18 February.

While the carriages – or at least more than one – may be beyond the wallets of many members (me for one), it has to be a great day for G3 when a small, quality supplier such as this decides to take the financial risk in what is, after all, such a niche scale.

I'm certainly looking forward to see what it is that you will get for your money!



Just stumbled across this, Ian's post from nine years ago!

With hindsight, and with the Kingscale Duchess being available, and with Kingscale's BR carriages having sold well, it is a great shame that this venture didn't get off the ground.  The price quoted, for a hand built, complete carriage finished to a very high standard and with a detailed interior, now seems quite reasonable!

And, unlike the Kingscale BR Open Seconds, you can make a complete train with multiples of these three types.



i believe one of our members at the time of the kingscale duchess was trying to persuade kingscale to make some lms 57' coaches and i think they were half tempted. perhaps "that" company who make the collett coaches for grs may do some ??  i looked at the website recently and could no longer see any mention of g3 or only available via grs any more ?? 


Well, now I am confused.  I thought GRS developed and produced the GWR Collett coaches themselves?

But the group who made the one off LMS Period 3 coach are working on another Gauge 3 project, I have been told, so there is hope that they may yet become a G3 manufacturer.


John Candy

Just looked and the page with G3 LMS stock is still there but not obvious (it is on a page "What's New" .... hardly appropriate after this length of time and the page content has not changed since I last looked, several years ago.


My fellow Members, ask not what your Society can do for you, ask what you can do for your Society.


Roger of Walsall models is thinking  about producing LMS coaches to match the streamline Coronation engine in Blue/LMS Red so they would like to know anyone that would be interested, to see if it would be worthwhile doing.  If interested could they contact Walsall models .