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Fantastic new book - highly recommended
« on: Oct 10 2011 17:50 »
Last week I received my copy of the last of Peter Jones' books "Making model buildings for garden railways". I say the last because, as many of you will be aware, Peter passed away in April 2009. In fact this book has been finished by his daughter Kes.

A full review of the book will be in the next edition of Garden Rail, but I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone who is interested in making buildings for their railway. Some of the ideas are so simple that you wonder why you never thought of it. There are plenty of money saving tips too. All this is written in a really easy to read manner by a man who had years of experience and was nothing short of genius IMO.

The book is available either direct from the Crowood Press or via Amazon.

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Re: Fantastic new book - highly recommended
« Reply #1 on: Oct 10 2011 22:33 »
Hi Mel,
Agree entirely, got my copy on Wednesday through Amazon. Below the main Amazon listing was availability shown from  Speedy Hen at a cheaper price, about £19 delivered. Seemed a good bet and I received my copy within 36 hours.

Sorry to read the preface reporting the author had passed away.