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"Mini Bricks"
« on: May 21 2012 13:47 »
Following received, which may be of interest.

21st May 2012
Dear Mr Candy,
David Pratt, Who I am sure you know, popped into my ClayClay Shop in Bembridge last Friday and gave me a copy of his 'Garden Railways from the Ground up' book. Within that book are a number of web links of which you are one, hence this E mail. We manufacture and retail mini clay bricks in various sizes  (typically 32*16*10.6mm and 48*24*16mm sizes) - these can be used for a lot of your layouts and buildings or we can make them specially to your scale
. If you would like further information or a free sample contact us via post, e mail or phone/fax or have a look at our web site and go to the Miniature brick page
Yours sincerely
Tim Bristow
Phone and Fax 01983 875378 or mobile 07836 761541
The ClayClay Shops - 15 High St, Bembridge, Isle of Wight PO35 5SD and 4B Quay St, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 3AS
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Re: "Mini Bricks"
« Reply #1 on: May 21 2012 14:05 »
I've seen miniature bricks on e-bay and have been tempted to have a go, but there's never enough modelling time for everything.

I'm not clear what the * means.  Their web site has the same symbol, but if they mean x and the smallest are 32mm by 16mm x 10.6mm, that's too big for us.  We need c10mm by 5mm by 3.4mm.


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Re: "Mini Bricks"
« Reply #2 on: May 21 2012 17:17 »
Mike, I did buy some other bricks from ebay in a  burst of enthusiasm recently. Not sure whether I'll do anything with them because of the time involved- I'd like to, but can see them sat in a drawer for a few years then used as a wagon load. However, they look good and measure 9mm x 3mm x 4mm. Bit underscale for us, but they are sold as 1/24 bricks. The vendor is He also sent a catalogue of other interesting 1/24 bits, including tiles, stones, lead rolls etc and 'brick slips' which I think (could be wrong) are thin, brick sized slivers designed to be stuck on a structural wall to give a brick appearance - like computer chads a few years ago in the smaller scales. If that is what they are for, they could look quite good if then given a wash of grouting mix. (Which he also sells)

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Re: "Mini Bricks"
« Reply #3 on: May 21 2012 17:24 »
Further to last, have just checked his website. It's not obvious  that brick slips are available in 1/24.  However, they are available, and are priced in a dedicated 1/24 price list (£20.00 for 1000 multi red, to cover 50 sq. in.). And they are chad- like things.

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Re: "Mini Bricks"
« Reply #4 on: May 21 2012 20:27 »
I picked up some of Richard Stacey's bricks etc at 4D Models, Leman Street in London (they're under Shadwell railway arches). They look very interesting, but it would cost a fortune to do a whole station building (that's why mine will be wooden), however, I am planning to construct a coal office or brick office to my wooden goods shed with them.

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