Author Topic: The EU "ePrivacy Directive" comes into force in UK on 26th May.  (Read 3225 times)

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This piece of legislation requires that I inform you of my privacy policy and, in particular, the use of "cookies" on this website.
The new law requires that I have your consent to save cookies on your computer (which are necessary for this forum to function) and that you be required to "Opt-in" before any cookies are served.

To a large extent this legislation is "bunkum" since it is technically impossible to obtain your consent until you have loaded the webpage, by which time you will already have been served at least one cookie! It is a case of legislators creating laws covering topics they do not understand.

Anyhow, in the spirit of the legislation, I am notifying you that cookies are used and that if you do not wish them to be saved on your computer, you will need to cease using this forum!

The terms and conditions of use have been amended to include a clause which states that, as from 26th May 2012, by applying for forum membership, you agree to accept cookies being served on your computer.
Members who joined prior to 26th May 2012 should cancel membership (email if these new terms are not acceptable and continued use of the forum after that date will be deemed to constitute acceptance of cookies.

John Candy

If you want to learn more about "cookies" and how to manage them, go to
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