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Gresley bogie from Peter Wood
« on: May 31 2012 23:03 »
I see Peter's web site says  "I am now able to offer LNER Gresley coach bogies, initially in 2 ½”, Gauge 3, but other gauges as well quite soon, if there is interest."

A photo of a prototype was in the G3S Newsletter a couple of years back, but has anyone seen an actual production one?


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Re: Gresley bogie from Peter Wood
« Reply #1 on: May 31 2012 23:26 »
These are made by Model Engineers Laser and I believe are the same as those supplied by GRS in their recent Gresley carriage kits.

I have one of the GRS kits but have not yet started work on it.

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Re: Gresley bogie from Peter Wood
« Reply #2 on: Jun 01 2012 09:36 »
Thanks John.  I didn't realise they were the same thing.

I think that means there are at least six different Gauge 3 bogies on the market now and growing all the time.