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Fitting R/C to a Prairie
« on: Jan 10 2017 18:00 »
After much deciding I am now the proud owner of a GRS Prairie- the last one in the shop.

I will be fitting it with Revolution R/C and wondered if anyone on here has done so? what I am keen to know is:

anything to watch for when taking the loco apart?

what batteries did you use and where did you put them- guessing boiler?

Where did you put an on-off switch and charging socket?

I may not do so straight away but will fit sound and smoke at some point and wondered what sound cards people have used?



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Re: Fitting R/C to a Prairie
« Reply #1 on: Jan 10 2017 19:13 »
Strikalite do a variety of battery packs, including one especially designed to fit in a boiler.  I've just bought a Peter Spoerer soundcard and speaker, which comes with a wiring diagram for the revolution.

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Re: Fitting R/C to a Prairie
« Reply #2 on: Jan 10 2017 20:54 »
Hi Geoff

Thanks will look into the sound card


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Re: Fitting R/C to a Prairie
« Reply #3 on: Jan 10 2017 22:53 »
The steam soundcards which are available from Peter Spoerer are the MyLocoSound soundcards which my company makes in South Australia. They have a GWR whistle (with adjustable pitch) plus six other whistles including Stanier and Chime. Also relevant to the Prairie are a guard's whistle and safety valve blow off. Also included, but not relevant to the Prairie, are a Westinghouse brake pump, a bell and "All aboard". All of these can be triggered by the Revolution's controller function buttons.

The chuff can be triggered by axle mounted magnets and a reed switch. However most modellers choose to connect the soundcard to the motor and synchronise to the voltage; much simpler and no less effective.

For those without radio control, the soundcard also works with track power but not DCC.

Peter Lucas
Peter Lucas

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Re: Fitting R/C to a Prairie
« Reply #4 on: Jan 12 2017 17:25 »
I installed a Mac 5 radio control and a Peter Spoerer sound card in my GRS Prairie. I put 'Strikalite' batteries in the coal box. I fitted the on/off switch and charging socket underneath the coal box in holes I drilled in the coal box floor.
I covered the upper surface of the battery pack with black roof/gutter silicone sealant, to which I applied - before setting - a layer of GRS Coal. The sealant will keep rain off the batteries and electrics. I put the sound card in the boiler. The Mac 5 and radio receiver I attached to the inside sides of the mainframes using adhesive Velcro buttons.
I can't remember how many batteries I put in the coal box and obviously can't now see because they are sealed in. However, it was to about the maximum for the motor and electronics - probably too many. However, it has shown no signs of blowing up or catching fire - yet. 

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Re: Fitting R/C to a Prairie
« Reply #5 on: Jan 12 2017 18:09 »
Thank you for all the advise. The boiler battery pack is 14.4 volts so may go for that and the most important thing for me is capacity rather than speed.

I never realised how easy the sound card is to link up for the various sound triggers so will order one thanks. Decided to go for smoke with an on off switch.

Had the engine running on rollers and seems to run very well indeed.