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Ain't life getting complicated!
« on: Dec 06 2017 22:27 »
Until recently i had been using Planet T5 and Radiolink 4TEU radio control but both have now been discontinued.
The low cost 4-channel replacements are in the main "flashy" looking Flysky, Saturn and similar units which are decorated like something from a funfair display.

The plain and functional looking Radiolink T8FB looked more appealing even though I have no use for 8 channels but at 44.99GBP from Howes of Oxford looks good value (so I bought three).

The instruction manual is quite long and waffles on about simultaneous S-Bus, PPM and PWM transmissions and calibration using USB cable to a laptop with configuration software (even the default battery voltage low signal has to be set).

I am hoping that it will work in default mode out of the box but it does say default input voltage is 11.1Volts but the battery compartment accepts 4 x AA cells (i.e. max. 4.8V, so I am not convinced it will!

Anyone else tried one of these?

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