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GWR Mogul?
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Has anyone here asked Mike Danby to build a GW Mogul from the 53XX series (the Churchward/original cab version with lever reverser)?
Reason I ask is that Mike asked if I would be interested since an order for more than one would reduce unit price.
With a view to such a loco being useful for Monkton Priors I agreed (I already have a "Bulldog" outside-framed 4-4-0 and a 2251 Collett 0-6-0 on order from him).

These GW moguls came with the usual GWR variety/variations in both detailing and tender types and I need to choose a prototype in mid/late 1930's condition.
Majority were paired with the standard (with detail variations) Churchward 3500 gallon tenders but I have seen at least one photo (of 5303) with a Collett dia. A112 "Intermediate" tender.

The principal options on the loco. are; with or without outside steam pipes to the cylinders; tapered or parallel buffers; tall or short SV bonnet (only the short type is readily available as a brass casting);type of chimney (parallel or tapered).

If possible wish to discuss options with the other "interested party" to find common ground to work up a spec. for Mike to work from.

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