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Re: USATC Bogies
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Interesting there are so many uses of this diamond bogie; it might increase the potential market!

Yup! Great to see yourself and Kippo break into the US scene.

The USRA specified 3 different varriations of the same Andrews design for all its 100,000 freight cars differing in its weigh capacity. In its specifications the USRA usually permitted at least three alternative designs for many of the compentents, with one being recommended. In practice most of the builders used the same designs.
  • 40 Ton Double Sheathed Box Car
  • 50 Ton Single Sheathed Box Car, Composite Gondola, Twin Steel Hopper
  • 70 Ton Wood Floor Gondola
Five Manufacturers were used for building the bolsters and side frame:
  • American Steel Foundries
  • Buckeye Steel Castings
  • Scullin Steel Company
  • Gould Coupler Co
  • Bettendorf Co
USRA Drawing numbers for the various truck components are . . .

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Re: USATC Bogies
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Well here is the prototype build of the kits I’m producing for a guy on the continent.  They have 3’ wheels and I think they suit wagons of around 90 ton laden weight.  The steelwork has been simply sprayed with satin black, but the side mouldings are unfinished, exactly as they came off the printer at Kippo.

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Re: USATC Bogies
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They really look the part, great job.

One question-I am looking for some 2'7" plain disc wheels, and no manufacturer I have contacted seems to makes them- I would probably need 16 to 32 wheels and (8 to 16 axles), would it be worth going the commissioning route, and who with, Slaters?

Any advice welcomed.

I bought some Brandbright  bogie arch-frame kits for (probably) g-scale in cast white metal.  I sold them long ago, but I guess that they would be too small for G3 Cheap, though, £8 a pair I recall!


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Re: USATC Bogies
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Could you get away with Gauge 1 profile John?  If so Slaters do some 3ft 7in disc wheels which would be an easy way out.  If you want to have some made and are not in a hurry I would recommend Malcolm at  He is competitive and an excellent engineer but as more people find him so his waiting times are increasing.  I believe Roy Horrocks has a friend in Wales who has made batches of very nice G3 coach wheels in the past, so he might also quote for the job.


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Re: USATC Bogies
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Thanks for that Idea , Mike.  Looking at the G1 and G3 standards, the 2 dimensions that may be relevant are wheel width and flange depth.  As my track is essentially point-free and straight (testing only), it may well be worth a punt to try some G1 coach wheels.  I did look at Mark Wood's site re a form tool (I was feeling brave, not knowing if my little Unimat could handle it), and it remains a possibility to use one to make my own from bar.  I think on balance that I will buy 2 G1 sets from Slater's, and treat the project as a "proof of concept before committing to any more.