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Grrr sleepers....

Started by cabbage, Apr 22 2020 18:58

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John Branch

That looks rather good! Could I enquire where from and how much?  I feel a bit of subtle modifying coming on.


Could I enquire where from and how much?

China via eBay, £5.72 each £0 P+P

I only mentioned these as Ralph is running live trains and the larger scale of the lenses would help with those who have relatively poor eyesight and whom cannot see small LEDs in the daylight.

They are NOT TO SCALE for GAUGE 3.

More suited for 5" and 71/4" gauges if scale is an issue.
"You don't know what you don't know"

John Branch

Yes, I had a look, and they are way too big, although really good value for money.

Back to the drawing board and the laser!



At the GTG wr fot some of the signals working. But had strange problems with the Red and Green LEDs. These are std 8mm diffused running at 20mA / 12 volts. The ones that would have notmally been "on" most of the time - faded... I put this down to the age of the LEDs. But I was wrong! The problem was the "ballast" resitor from the LED. This was a 1/4W 5% MOx . The amount of usage on it was frying the resistor!!!

Stuck in a black hood on a sunny afternoon as the output of a class "A" circuit was too much. So, I have started to replace them with 1W Carbons and boring a couple of vent holes at the base and apex of the hood.

And best of all some people did obey the left hand running!