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New Booklet steaming guides
« on: Oct 09 2020 12:15 »
i am currently preparing and updating the previous (Roger Salisbury) Gauge 3 booklet, into a new format , card backed, A4 production, in line with the 16mm Association's booket etc. we would like to add a section on, "Gas firing" and "Meths firing" of live steam locomotives. it'll have to include precautions, methodical preperations, tips, benefits of system etc. if you feel you can help, then please email me direct, . the booklet is almost complete, apart from the addtion of these two items and an extra piece on stream about r.c, as well as awating the traders adverts. as soon as these are provided, we can look at publication, so any help to speed matters along with these two steaming guides would be most appreciated. Ashley.
p.s some sample shots of a pre-production copy. 

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sample free images