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Shunters truck kit
« on: Feb 21 2021 17:30 »
I am intrigued to learn of builder's experience with the GRSUK shunters truck kit. I've modelled and scratch-built in 3, 4, 7 and 10mm in the past, my first kit was a 00 K's shunters truck, I wanted to recreate that joy in my first foray into gauge 3 and, as I have to scroll down the list of years further and further, rather than scratch-build, kits fit the bill, or so I thought.

I hadn't realised at the time of ordering, that GRSUK were surprised they still had one in stock, but it duly arrived and was unpacked. I am presumably commenting on a dated kit but I don't think in all my years I have ever come across a similar offering - much praise for that!

The standard of castings appears poor and misaligned, key visible components are made in two halves with highly visible join lines the inevitable result. The instructions are second to none, or one up from none and, all in all, a great disappointment. Having now almost completed it apart from the tool box, I am considering taking up fishing rather than G3, and melting the kit down into fishing weights, I wonder how many others have been put off by this sort of offering?

Such was the frustration in the workshop this afternoon that the pc was fired up and one of Walsall Model Industries shunters truck kits was ordered (I don't give in that easily). It will be interesting to compare the two, but if you know anyone who wants some scrap whitemetal......

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Re: Shunters truck kit
« Reply #1 on: Feb 21 2021 18:47 »

You have my commiserations!
Over the years, GRS have produced some pretty awful excuses for kits, several of which have narrowly escaped my melting pot or bin (fabricating or casting replacement components has become commonplace here).
I will temper those comments by saying that there have been a few kits which have been acceptable (an example being the GWR 48XX autotank which went together without any major fettling). Instructions, for most part, are brief and vague.
Will be interested to hear your impressions of the WMI kit.
It has been on my radar for some while but I have been deterred by fact that they do not show a photo of the model on their website (instead showing photo of a preserved wagon).

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Re: Shunters truck kit
« Reply #2 on: Feb 21 2021 23:58 »
I also fell over the GRS Shunter's wagon whilst buying a couple of 16T Minerals and decided to have one of only 2 that they had at the time. I guess you got the other one!
I , on an earlier note, did this because winter was coming up and lockdown was also likely so I acquired the 3 kits for me to build over the winter to keep me with something to do.

On the Shunter's truck, I too had quite a lot of niggles. As per usual (I've done some others of theirs) the instructions are poor; the sketches don't cover all the pieces and where they go and the pictures of the model are poor or in this case non-existent. So as usual I had to do a deep research in the internet to find a number of pictures and details of the real things. These are absolutely necessary but I can usually find what I need. I love the handrails as part of it, they are superb.
Too late for me now but might be interesting to see what the Walsall one is like.

Anyway, I competed it not long ago now; just the transfers to attach. I had to make a number of changes or adjustments to finish it to my satisfaction.

I'll add photos of the finished truck, painted mucky blue as per a real one I found and probably needs a bit more weathering.


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Re: Shunters truck kit
« Reply #3 on: Feb 22 2021 10:33 »
Oh dear.  Not a good advert for Gauge 3.

GRS have done a great deal for our scale over many years and it is a shame that you have been put off by a bad experience.  I think this is an old kit and their latest 16-ton mineral wagon is in a different league.  Take a look at the G3S website and the list of traders, as there are now quite a few working in different materials like etched brass, whitemetal, resin, wood or MDF, and ask around before buying.  We are a friendly bunch and very happy to give an honest opinion.

I am a manufacturer but have often recommended a kit made by somebody else because all we want is to attract and retain happy Gauge 3 modelers.

I suspect Alan that you are on the waiting list for one of my kits and a batch of bodies is due shortly.  I can't promise that it will be perfect, but I can promise that we will do whatever we can to make sure you are happy with it in the end.  We want you to stay with Gauge 3.


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Re: Shunters truck kit
« Reply #4 on: Feb 23 2021 13:44 »

I'm not giving up yet, and I am on your waiting list. I decided that after a lie down in a dark room I would put the compensation beams in place and see what it looks like with wheels. nowhere near complete as yet but equilibrium is slightly restored....!