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Announcement : Changes to this Forum.

Started by John Candy, Jul 28 2022 06:58

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John Candy

I am pleased to announce that, in response to my appeal for assistance with this forum, Martin Wynne (well-known for his Templot track planning software) has offered his services, which I have gratefully accepted!

Martin has "administrator" level access and a free hand to make whatever improvements he may think will be of benefit.

This will help secure the future of this forum as a useful resource.

My fellow Members, ask not what your Society can do for you, ask what you can do for your Society.

Martin Wynne

Hi John,

Thanks for letting me in here. :)

Hello everyone,

I have changed the image attachment settings to allow more sensible upload sizes from modern cameras.

This image is 3800 x 1900 pixels and 3.8MB file size. The forum software resizes it for viewing:

You cannot see attachments on this board.

To see it full size, right-click on it and then "Open image in new tab" in your browser.

At present you need to be logged in as a forum member in order to see attachments.

Note that in order to include images and other attachments in your post, it is necessary to click the REPLY button and not use the Quick Reply box.


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