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Little Details....

Started by John Candy, Oct 16 2022 21:49

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John Candy

Little Details....

1. "Hammered" glass:  One detail which is not readily noticeable on many diagrams of GWR auto trailers is the fact that the opening "toplights" (above the main windows) are of obscured/diffused glass.
In most cases this was of either a "hammered" or "reeded" pattern.
I replicated this on No.131 by a two-stage process. Firstly, I took clear decal sheet (which is not totally transparent when placed over clear glazing) and fixed this to the inside of the toplight glazing. Next, I took "Microscale" satin varnish and applied three coats. The technique used was to apply first heavy coat with horizontal streaking. Each of the next two coats was "blobbed" on, allowing 30 minutes drying time between each coat.


2. Luggage compartment window bars : These are very fine and are often supplied as brass etchings in kits. I used 3D printing and the file is available to download from gauge3.info/downloads/bars.stl  ......  no excuse now for your autotrailer (or other GWR carriage) to lack these!


P.S. This is the prelude to a series of instructions (and downloadable 3D print/laser cutting files) on building your own GWR auto trailer. http://g3forum.org.uk/index.php?topic=3028.msg19106;topicseen#msg19106



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