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Build of the LSWR G6 Project Loco

Started by Jon Nazareth, Apr 20 2024 10:22

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Jon Nazareth

On a separate G3 forum, I brought up the topic of sideplay on axles.  On my G6, at the present, the sideply is 4mm in total on all three axles.  Someone suggested very little play on the first and third axles but but up to 3mm total on axle number two.  My problem is that if I have up to 3mm total sideplay on any axle, I have to pack out the brake hangers to stop them fouling the wheels.  Please see photo below.  Can I ask, how have other builders of this G6 coped with this problem and what sideplay have they allowed?  I believe that ten of these kits were sold and I believe that some folk are far more advanced in their build than I am.


John Candy

Good evening Jon,

I do not have a G6 kit but on my locos, I restrict lateral movement on outer axles to approx. 1mm by packing (in case of Slaters axles) with 6mm stainless washers.

The inner axles I allow around 3mm movement which is usually sufficient for curves down to 10ft radius (certainly on a short wheelbase).

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