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Offer to G3 Society Members

Started by John Candy, Apr 21 2024 19:52

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John Candy

I shall soon be releasing a range of "3D Print 4 Yourself" models but access to the STL files will be limited to Gauge 3 Society members.
To make use  of this service, members of this forum will need to join the G3S, unless already a Society member.

Shortly to become available will be:-
1) GCR 45ft 15T Bogie Fish Van
2) GWR P16 "Monster" 50ft bogie van
3) Southern Railway Maunsell 51ft 10T Bogie Luggage Van
4) GCR 18ft 10T 4-wheel Fish Van
5) LNWR dia.17 6-wheel 20T Brake Van
6) LNWR dia.17B 4-wheel 20T ("Crystal Palace") Brake Van
7) LMS 42ft CCT (D1870)

Earlier releases (GWR "Siphons", together with LNER Gresley and GCR passenger stock) are available to download from www.gauge3.info .

Although test models have been printed, assembly instructions for each are still to be compiled.
Watch out for further announcements when each has been uploaded.

Access will be granted by sending (using this forum's message system) to John Candy, whereupon a password will be sent with a download link (subject line of email to be "STL access request by <your G3S membership number>". Remember to check that the email address you have linked to the forum is still valid!

The GCR bogie fish van will be the first release, offered with choice of original or the later ,strengthened, ends (see test build photos below). The underframe and bogies for this model (in laser cut steel) are supplied by Williams Models (I believe there to be just a handful still available).


GWR P16 "MONSTER" (below)


My fellow Members, ask not what your Society can do for you, ask what you can do for your Society.

keith Bristol