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Room with a View (North Western style)!

Started by John Candy, May 02 2024 18:27

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John Candy

A signal box is needed for my main terminus and a photo of Chester No.6 caught my attention.
I don't need one quite that big but the LNWR employed modular, timber, designs, adaptable for various lengths and mountable on different foundations, including brick, timber and over-track girder-work.
I decided a box to accommodate 45 levers would be "about right" and opted for the final LNWR design, "Type 5", size "J".
Chester No.6 was/is(?) an earlier Type 4 design, so I used Mossley box (also illustrated in "LNWR Portrayed", Jack Nelson, Peco Publications 1975) as a guide.

The book contains scale drawings of several types of box, including the Type 5.

The results of my efforts are illustrated, the box being designed to span double track.
It is 3D printed, apart from the laser cut plywood floor and the brass wire for the hand rails.


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Very nice John.

I hope you bring it inside when not running.

Wouldn't want the squirrels using it as tree house! :-)


Nothing's ever Easy - At least the first time around.



That's a serious piece of 3D printing, but a wonderful model the detail is excellent.