Author Topic: 'Chicken Feed' fuel valve - for meths  (Read 1144 times)

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'Chicken Feed' fuel valve - for meths
« on: Apr 20 2015 12:51 »
Does anyone have a design / drawing for a 'chicken feed' fuel valve - preferably that would fit through a plain hole in the bottom of a tank and a threaded bush at the top?

I have found a design here - - with a stem that is soldered to the top and bottom of the tank.

My tank drawings show a 3/16" dia plain hole in the bottom of the tank, and a bush threaded 3/8" x 32 in the top - but with no valve details. As it comes from a well-known G1 designer, maybe there is a 'standard' design that is widely used in G1 locos? e.g. 'Project', 'Dee', etc?

Any help / pointers appreciated.


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Re: 'Chicken Feed' fuel valve - for meths
« Reply #1 on: Apr 20 2015 14:57 »
I think they are all pretty much the same Andy - although the dimensions do vary somewhat.

The 'Project' spirit tank doesn't look so different from the 'Brazil' one you linked to. I have the Project drawings and will scan the appropriate pages for you if it's helpful. Please PM me and I'll dig them out (busy decorating at the moment!)



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Offline Andy B

Re: 'Chicken Feed' fuel valve - for meths
« Reply #2 on: Apr 21 2015 08:27 »
Thanks Ian - email sent.

Thanks also to Jamie who replied by email.

I'll endeavour to draw up the basic ideas then post them on here as a reference for others.