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German and British models
« on: Jan 12 2017 11:40 »
I have decided to build two stations for my expanded layout. Since half of my locomotives are eastern european and my steam loco is KKStB it made sense to me to buy typical european buildings. So, I have bought PIKO Rosenbach station and Signal box. These are HUGE... But I will confess after having gone through the process of building -very easy to construct. But you do need plenty of glue.

The other station was going to be British. So, I purchased some British Outline Buildings and the Yarwood Caersws station from GRS. I have put together the two plate layers huts so far and the differing techniques and "ethos" of the two kits suppliers is quite obvious.

The PIKO kit gives you an exact model with no real area for personalisation - bar the choice of curtains at the station windows and flowers to grow in the window boxes, (yes really!!!). The model will be the same as any other model of the Rosenbach range. The British Outline Buildings are very different. I bought the two huts, (one wood and one brick) and have been able to mix and match the bits to produce what I think is the best combination. The bases and rooves have been swapped and this to me is a more shabbier and thus realistic look.

I have yet to begin the box containing the BOB signal box -but already I am looking at personalising it alongside the Caersws station kit.

So -which do I consider to be the best? The answer has to be both! The PIKO kits are manifestations of Teutonic efficiency -they even come pre-weathered and have an artistic icon look to them and I actually feel proud to own them. The BOB kits are more the typical, "left handed, inverted and then shoved in sideways", of real life... They are harder to build than the PIKO kits, but possibly more rewarding, as the potential to have them, "just as I want them" -is far higher.



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Re: German and British models
« Reply #1 on: Jan 12 2017 13:48 »
Sounds like the basis of an interesting article for the Gauge 3 Society Newsletter Ralph. There haven't been many articles on buildings in there that I've seen. Perhaps you could put one together? I for one would be very interested to read it!


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Re: German and British models
« Reply #2 on: Jan 12 2017 23:12 »
Ralph. I like your a to approach 'multi-national' layout. As for choice of building supplier, our now replaced G-scale garden layout used POLA buildings; these were similar to the PIKO ones - they went together easily and looked good.

I have some plywood 'Brandbright, structure kits our Gauge '3' layout, and hope to customise them with the help of my table saw.... one day! Also a pair of John C's corrugated iron huts, one of which is in the process of being weathered.

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Re: German and British models
« Reply #3 on: Jan 13 2017 08:09 »
I've built many buildings from Piko, Pola, BOB abd Yarwood and they are all good in different ways. The Piko and Pola go together really easily owing to being injection moulded but the others take a lot more work getting things like joins right. However they have a lot more character and I really enjoy the painting stage. My only advise is be careful with the Yarwood kit outside. It's made of a fairly soft resin and they do tend to warp in strong sunlight.


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Re: German and British models
« Reply #4 on: Jan 13 2017 20:37 »
I am just waiting for my HO scale Geislingen Steige signal cabin to arrive, from which I plan to scale up to G3 using weatherproof materials.

Peter Jones book Making Model Buildings for Garden Railways has been a good read.

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