Author Topic: New Building Frame kit for Gauge 3 or 2 1/2 inch locos  (Read 684 times)

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Brand new and unused locomotive Building Frame kit from Model Engineers Laser.

For more details, see:

This has been part assembled by the supplier prior to purchase, so saving a lot of time and effort. Model Engineers Laser description reads:

"A versatile building frame. It will accept tank or tender locos. A disc brake allows you to position the frames at any angle. All the parts are tabbed and slotted for a fast construction. For an additional charge the parts can be obtained ready welded. You have to supply some brass and steel for the pivots and brake calliper, most builders will have this in their scrap box. Note that the aluminium extrusions, T bolts nad the M4 screws are the same as in the rolling road."

A considerable saving at £60 + postage. Contact Ian Harper by phone or text on 07989 912186

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Re: New Building Frame kit for Gauge 3 or 2 1/2 inch locos
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I purchased one of these kits two years ago at the 2015 G3S AGM.

It does make working on a heavy engine much easier when you can simply rotate it to get at something underneath. I SIF-bronzed the smaller parts together but the larger items needed too much heat for my torch to bronze (brass) braze but they silver soldered easily enough. Malcolm (he of Model Engineers Laser) says that you can also epoxy glue the parts together - which I'm sure is possible - but I'd probably then bolt on the odd bit of 'strategic' brass angle as a belt & braces measure.

Some simple turning was required (on my kit at least) and to be honest, I didn't quite understand how MEL intended this to work from the drawings I had (seemed awkward when initially mounting an engine) so I modified the 'revolving' parts to make their usage a bit simpler (at least in my view). My kit was an early version though and I know some changes were made after I purchased it (Malcolm kindly sent me an updated part a few weeks after the AGM) - so the drawings may now have been changed since then too.

Anyway, it all works very well in practice and is a useful addition to any engine builders workshop.


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