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Resin masters
« on: Aug 08 2017 14:19 »

   For those with experience of Resin moulding I have a question.

How much does Resin shrink by when it sets? Reason I ask is Im after coach kit that the the mould has warn and the patterns are damaged.I have a complete kit that I've borrowed and I'd like to use the mouldings in this kit as a pattern to make new mounds.

This is not in anyway to copy an existing product as I will be involving the original supplier first to see if they are interested, I just wondered if this would even work? Longest mould is 460mm long



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Re: Resin masters
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It depends upon the resin used but anything from almost nothing up to 1%.
The silicone mould can also shrink, so the pattern needs to be anything up to 1% larger than the final size.

If you work on basis of making pattern 1% larger than final casting it will come out about right assuming 0.5% shrinkage at each stage.

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Re: Resin masters
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Thanks John most useful.