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Midland Railway(LMS D1658) 20 Ton Brake van kit (Woodbury Models)

Desperate to acquire some LMS brake vans, I contacted Andy Mould of Woodbury Models, who is working on a range of G3 wagon kits in laser cut timber/plywood.

As luck would have it, he was on the point of cutting the pre-production test sample of the 4-wheel 20T Midland brake van, which (being the very last Midland design of 1921) also became the first LMS brake van diagram, D1658.

Andy offered to cut a second sample on the basis that it was a pre-production example, without any written instructions, and any problems encountered would be "put right" before the kit goes into production.

This sample has plastic/brass rivet strapping,rather than the etched brass which Andy had been considering. If the plastic/rivet combination is successful in the test build, then it may be retained for the production kit, since it will reduce the final cost.

This new kit from Andy Mould is cut from high quality plywood and oozes quality, both in materials employed and the accuracy of the components.
The body consists of a large number of components, of varying thicknesses of material and looks a little daunting at first sight but (even without the benefit of any written instructions) it all quickly became clear and fell into place.

There were no issues with "fit", everything slotted together perfectly and it went together quite quickly. If it hadn't been necessary to wait for the glue to harden between stages (I used white "Gorilla" glue) , it would have been possible to assemble it in a few hours, as it was,  I spread it over four evenings.

A few light wipes of filler and a little smoothing of the joints in a few places leaves a surface ready for priming.
I did add a few extra details which were not included in the kit, including the slotted guideways for the entrance safety bars, the train control letter/number rack, label holders and, internally, the vacuum brake cylinder, stove and handbrake stand.

I was very pleased to find that the window glazing has also been laser cut, since that it always a fiddly job to do with a knife.

This is a "bodyline" kit, so nothing below floor level is provided, so my next job will be to build a chassis.


Below are a few photos I took during construction : To avoid damage during handling, I shall not be fitting the lamp irons (parts supplied with kit) until the chassis has been attached and the glazing and roof will not be fitted until the model has been painted (incidentally, the LMS painted the internal timber work of brake vans a shade of Brunswick green with a white ceiling).

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superb, i'd like to see more wooden wagons with kits from wood, please keep us up to date with progress and if any parts are available for the chassis or recommended items to scratch one etc, cheers.

Offline Andy B

The AVB fitted versions of these brake vans had a complex looking ratchet adjuster mechanism which is quite prominent on the underframe (not chassis, please - that's an automotive term!).

The underframe lends itself to being done in etched  brass. The solebars and headstocks were 12" x 3 1/4" x 3/4" channel however, so it would need to be laminated. I'd love to do it, but I'm already massively behind on other etch artwork I already have started.

Here's a CAD model I started some years back to get a 3D view of the brake mechanism.


Offline John Candy

Thanks Andy,

Your 3D sketch is much more easily interpreted than the GA drawing!
I shall be doing the underframe in resin similar to the Flexikit arrangement but incorporating Walsall's compensation units.
I need to turn some patterns for the self-contained buffers which will need casting in whitemetal.

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You've got a bit further with the build than I have John, I got the first 'pre-production'  sample - sorry Andy M, every time I plan some modelling time, life rears it's ugly head and bites me on the ar*e.

I can second John's comments wholeheartedly, whilst it's not quite a shake the box (part) kit it's pretty close & I can confirm that the parts fit together snuggly - my 'dry run' ended up with a 90% complete van with no glue - had to pull it apart again to stick it all together.....!! And, yes, I was slowed up by the glue drying time.... (Resin W), as well.

John, going to be interested in your solution to the underframe 'problem' - have been trying to source some scale channel, with very little i.e. no, success. Have been looking at the Slaters Brake van kit as a source of W irons, running board brackets, etc., further investigation required - or maybe an enquiry to Peter Korzilius is called for...?


Offline John Candy

It now has Slater's 3-hole wheels mounted on Walsall's compensation units.

I have the correct type of spring castings and the axleboxes were RCH standard split type which I also have. I shall probably cast (in resin) one-piece W-iron/spring/axlebox units as I did with Flexikits, rather than mess about with individual components.

The brake (cross) yokes I have already cast in whitemetal as are the brake blocks and hangers (all components from the Flexikit projects) and the solebars/headstocks/underframe will be a resin unit.

The only "fiddly" bits which I have to work on are the pattern for casting the buffer guides and the brake mechanism.


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Hello All,

Just to let you know, Andy Mould of Woodbury Models has booked a table for the Gauge 3 Society annual Winter GTG, Show and AGM at the Parkside Centre in Ampthill, Beds, on Saturday 10th March 2018.  So, come to the show and see what new wooden model kits Andy will be displaying.

I hope to see you there.