Author Topic: Kingscale LMS "Coronation" (blue version)  (Read 515 times)

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Kingscale LMS "Coronation" (blue version)
« on: Sep 20 2019 10:13 »
Offered for sale by Harburn Hobbies, Edinburgh (on behalf of a customer).

We wondered if you might know of any of your members who might be interested in a Gauge 3 Princess Coronation Streamline Queen Elizabeth in blue?
It is a live steam gas fired loco,with boiler certificate. It was apparently made in 2014 by Silver
Crest models and has never been steamed. The loco belongs to a long
standing customer who is now very ill with Parkinsons disease and wishes
to dispose of his large locos.

He is looking for offers in region of £3995 for it. We currently have it
in the shop, but as it is so heavy and large we cannot display it .

Enquiries to
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