Author Topic: MR D664 Wagon kits - one complete, one set of etches  (Read 275 times)

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One and a half wagon kits up for sale, this time a complete etched brass kit for a MR D664 wagon from Andy Boothman and a spare set of etches for the same.

The complete kit includes all the running gear, buffers, Slaters wheels and pre-formed roof, full set of instructions and some reference drawings. Only one set of etches are shown as they are identical.

Originally I had planned to use the second set of etches to build a D663 wagon (larger dia wheels for higher speed running) but for someone who wants a second D664 they are ideal - you've got a list of needed components from the first kit! There are a couple of sheets of Andy's fold up G3 nuts as well.

£110 for the lot, collection at the AGM.