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robin saxton s15 and other stuff
« on: May 11 2020 18:09 »

1. 2.5 inch S.R. S15 loco and tender. The loco chassis is complete and
the tender is part built, as is the loco cab. It will need a boiler.
It is to the LBSC design

2 A Taylor Hobson Model C pantograph engraver, with tooling.

3 A Colchester Student Lathe, with chucks, steady, taper turning
attachment and lots of tools.

4. Air compressor (2), one with a tank, one without.

5.  A Vertical/Horizontal  Milling machine , bench model, by the
Universal Jig and Gauge Co Ltd, Birmingham. Precision Engineers.

All the above items have been stored in an unheated garage and will
benefit from tender loving care.
Please contact Robin L. Saxton, tel 020-8360-5760 email