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GW Steam rail motor project
« on: Jun 11 2020 19:50 »
For sale: A project and a challenge!
When I moved from 16mm live steam Narrow gauge to G3, I retained some parts that I considered applicable to the building of a G3 GWR Steam Motor Carriage to Diagram O, as built in 1905.  (Page 25 of JH Russells’ GW Coaches).  This reached the stage of proof of concept-it ran-, but now that I have built several unrelated G3 models, I find that I have simply moved on and no longer have the motivation to complete it.

The bought-out parts that are incorporated in the model include-
•   Roundhouse Walschaerts Valve gear kit
•   Roundhouse Cylinder set
•   Bix Gas tank
•   Bix ceramic burner
•   Cheddar valley steam vertical boiler
•   Parts for water gauge.
•   Steam pressure gauge
•   Lubricator
•   Cast white metal trailing bogie with wheels (Brandbright)

The body is largely plywood skinned, with the shape of the side made from stripwood formers.  The roof is also wood except in the region above the boiler, where it is steel.  The floor is reinforced plywood, and the solebar is strip steel.  The throttle and reverser are actuated by servos, as I intended it to be radio controlled, although no radio parts are part of this set.

I attach a photo to give the flavour of the stage reached in the build.  If you have any interest, and want to take it to the next stage, I can supply lots of photos and a description.  There is a fairly substantial box included.

The price is £330 for the lot including transport to mainland UK addresses.
Please respond privately or publicly as you prefer.
John Branch

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Re: GW Steam rail motor project
« Reply #1 on: Jun 11 2020 20:50 »
Message sent John- I’m very interested.

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Re: GW Steam rail motor project
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This item is now sold