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3-D printed diesel locomotives
« on: Dec 01 2020 18:13 »
ALD Print make g1 locomotives and are wanting to know if there is a market in gauge 3, the class 25 looks as if for a kit would come out at around £1000.00 , please take a look and if anyone has any interest,please contact these guys and let them know. there are of course the shunting locomotive, which will cost much less and ideal for small layouts or perhaps newcomers, so i hope this project may take off.

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Re: 3-D printed diesel locomotives
« Reply #1 on: Dec 01 2020 19:00 »
Not sure about the Class 25, but they do a 21ton hopper wagon in Gauge 1 for £150.  I guess that would come to £225 in Gauge 3.  On their website you can enlarge the image to see the quality and compare it with the 16ton mineral wagon recently introduced by GRS.  The GRS kit is significantly better in all respects.  Sorry.


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Re: 3-D printed diesel locomotives
« Reply #2 on: Dec 01 2020 20:14 »
yes i saw one of the G.R.S 16T bodies at another G3 members house last week and can agree the body looks superb indeed.

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Re: 3-D printed diesel locomotives
« Reply #3 on: Dec 02 2020 21:12 »
Class 25 would be good,. I have it drawn here just never printed

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Re: 3-D printed diesel locomotives
« Reply #4 on: Dec 23 2020 14:14 »
I have been in contact with Alistair Lofthouse, who runs ALD models. Some of you will already seen the type of locos available in G1 on his website:  He is enthusiastic about modifying various models in G1 into G3. The most likely is their Class 25 and if there are enough interest in having one of his kits they would aim for a January launch. Their equipment (eg. 3D machines) can cope with the increase in size for the parts for a kit. Most flat parts are 3D built and the curvy parts are metal (brass I assume). Bogies and motors are included, or maybe to the buyer's requirements. Likewise, a number of others picking up a different loco should encourage it to be kitted as well.

So far a few G3 members have shown interest, but passing this on is a bit tricky. Alistair has agreed to us to provide his email address so you can show your interest directly, and perhaps ask questions m(not too many though!).
Of course, the more that contact him, the more chance is that the kits will get produced. Here we are:
Take it from there folks!

Good luck and a hopefully reasonable Christmas!