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My Carriage and I...
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The Gods have cursed me with "One Of Those People Who"... It is the only answer(!) I agreed with my wife that I would have only locomotives that one person could: lift carry and rail. I have only two locomotives functioning and no track in the garden, Despite this I have decided upon what sort of carriages that I will have them haul around my loop. They have two 6 wheel bogies are made of teak and mahogany and have double doors at the end of the carriages. Allied to this they have Mansell wheels -which I intend to crib from the one in the Silk Mill Museum. I can pull these behind my 2-D0-2 and 2-C0-2 and my prospective G.I.P.R. locos. This is because they did go to the USA, India and up and down the ECML...

Research has produced the following drawing -which can be hacked out of 1.5mm sheet brass.

For those who love the numbers they are No. 395 & No. 396...